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The rehearsal dinner sets the tone

Jim Kennedy PhotographersThe Rehearsal Dinner truly sets the tone for your Wedding Day!  Whatever you are planning you always want to remember to take care of your guests.  Picking out the right venue, selecting the right meal that won’t compete with the wedding and doing your best to show your appreciation to your family and wedding party.   The rehearsal dinner is thought of as an evening to really splurge on those special people in your life that have helped so much with the big wedding.  Most couples also include out of town guests that are coming to the wedding.

Traditionally paid for by the grooms family, couples these days even have been known to pitch in a little  to perfect the evening the way theyJim Kennedy Photographers see it!

These functions are becoming more and more detailed.  As an event planner we normally plan the rehearsal dinner about 3 months prior to the wedding day since the date and time is pretty much based upon when couples can schedule their ceremony rehearsal.  With the rehearsal dinner you can really have a lot of fun with colors and décor and even style.  Let’s say you are having your wedding at a very sophisticated elegant affair at posh hotel then maybe for your rehearsal you may want to do something a little more casual like a stylish Mexican Restaurant with flamenco dancers or a fabulous Greek cuisine accompanied by belly dancers.  I always suggest  doing assigned seating for the rehearsal using place cards, this way your guests can really be guests and don’t have to worry about where to sit.  It will also guarantee not having any seating fiascos because most of the time the couple is the last to enter!
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