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Prioritize when determining your wedding flower budget

Author: Holly Cellini

Every wedding is as unique as each bride; it can be difficult in today’s economy to determine a floral budget. Most designers suggest allocating 10% of your total wedding budget.  This is not a mandated amount you can adjust it.  If your flowers are most important and 10% is not enough you can pull some resources from another part of your budget.

Be candid about what you have budgeted with the floral designer and be prepared for your consultation with a prioritized list of all your floral requirements.  For example, is your bridal bouquet most important to you or your centerpieces? The floral designer will know what flowers are in season to match your wedding floral look; that will help you stretch your dollars and get the flowers you will be pleased with. Seasonal flowers are the best way to save money when you are on a tight budget.

When a bride has determined the floral budget before the consultation it will make certain that they get an accurate and realistic quote.

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Article provided by My Floral Bliss

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