The Moment, The Look

‘The Look’. It’s the moment when, in his mind, the transition is happening.

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There is a specific moment during a wedding ceremony that is the number one priority for the groom, known as ‘The Look’. It’s the moment when, in his mind, the transition is happening. His fiancé is becoming his wife. What’s sad, is that most grooms don’t realize that moment is what they really wanted until it’s passed.

He desperately wants her to have that look in her eyes that says:

A. She is the happiest woman on the face of the earth
B. She really does love him and wants to marry him
C. There is nothing else on her mind

 The bride needs to say exactly what she wants to say and hear exactly what she wants to hear during her ceremony.

The moment the look - Rev Clint Hufft - Michael Jonathan StudiosNothing should get in the way of The Look. We don’t want the bride thinking about something that happened that she wish didn’t happen or worried about something about to happen. We want her to have complete peace of mind. That is why attention to detail in regard to everything connected to the ceremony is so important. An experienced officiant can help make sure nothing slips through the cracks. If the planning and creation of the wedding ceremony is done completely and correctly, when the bride is waiting to walk up the aisle she will say to herself, ‘this is going to be brilliant!’ And the groom will have the treasured memory of The Look in his beloved’s eyes for the rest of his life.

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