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But what about overlooked subtle elements and small touches for receptions?

Your wedding day is finally approaching. It’ll be a joyous event that represents a new chapter in your life and unites friends and family from afar. You’ve covered the basics—after some serious research, you’ve found a figure-flattering dress, comfortable, yet elegant shoes, and the perfect bridal accessories.

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Cool idea for vintage guest card/seating distribution.


Although it has been stressful, you’ve successfully booked a venue, sent out invitations, hired a photographer, and picked out centerpieces and floral arrangements.

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Creative Invitation and flower themes.

Some brides-to-be focus so much on the big picture, they forget that it’s the little things that make a wedding most memorable—those small, creative touches that give a wedding its unique flavor and set it apart from the rest. Without these complimentary details, weddings can end up feeling impersonal and routine, as friends and family often employ the same photographers, caterers, and DJs.

So how do you personalize your wedding, make it memorable?

What can you do to add that special touch to your big day? Here are some suggestions of modest, easy to implement ideas to make your wedding more distinctive.

  • Creative engagement shoot guest sign book

    Creative “engagement shoot” guest sign-in book.

    Creative Photography Guestbook—by placing a creative (engagement photo based) guestbook and a fancy pen at the entrance of your venue, guests can write heartfelt notes and memories that you and your partner can cherish for years to come. You can decorate your guestbook in advance by adding childhood photos and the aforementioned engagement photos that friends and family can comment on and enjoy. Guestbooks are a fun and meaningful addition to your once in a lifetime event. Ask your Photographer about creating one from your Engagement Photos.

  • Guestbook and seating ideas—Get creative and come up with fun looks for the scene setter at the reception.
  • Talented Tributes—in addition to your paid entertainment, ask some of your talented guests to prepare an act in honor of your big day. If one of your guests has an incredible singing voice, is a talented musician, or a skilled comic, see if they are willing to show off their talent and perform a short entertaining piece in your honor. Having your friends provide some entertainment is sure to leave a mark.
  • Gift Bags—thank your guests for coming out to your wedding by honoring them with small gift bags. Sky’s the limit when it comes to designing these bags. You can include edible treats, small decorative items, and wedding memorabilia such as bubbles, chocolate, gel pens, personalized frames, etc. Gift bags will give your guests fond memories of your wedding. Here’s some wedding gift bags on Pinterest as some initial ideas…
  • iPhone Pictures—Have your friends email you or post to your Facebook page ALL of the photos they take with their phones the day of your event!

These are just a few subtle elements and suggestions of little touches to add to your big day. Use these suggestions to jump start your creativity. They can transform your wedding from standard to special.

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