Silver and Sweets - Wedding Compass

Polishing the silver to display the sweets

Every once in a while, we just get the urge to pull out all the stops … and all the heirloom place settings, too!  Once the silver was polished and the crystal shining, we decided to create a dessert buffet reminiscent of that by-gone era.

His grandmother’s two-tiered crystal serving stand was the perfect showcase for delicately decorated pink and white petit fours. On the top tier, we displayed beautifully frosted cream filled sandwich cookies.

Vintage soda fountain glasses held individual parfaits with chocolate and strawberry layers.  Mixed among them were lemon and gooseberry trifles. Using the same glassware made for a cohesive look, while the complementary colors pulled it all together.  We laid out crested silver iced tea spoons so our guests could scoop out every last delicious bit!

My great-aunt’s beaded cake platter showed off our individual fruit topped tarts with a flourish.  The creamy custard, topped with glistening berries and nestled in a homemade crust always elicits raves from our nearest and dearest.  We used our silver tongs for serving, polished to a high shine.

For the cake selections, we chose miniature red velvet cup cakes topped with a vanilla butter cream frosting.  A nod toward the modern, we offered up cake pops made from a family lemon poppy seed pound cake recipe. Delicious! A scattering of sugar plums and candied fruit rounded out the décor.

A vintage dessert table, proving that you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Images provided by Jays Catering

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