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A special thank you to Robert Evans

Photojournalism: pictorial usually photographic presentation of news stories or in which a high proportion of pictorial presentation is used; broadly: news photography
Photojournalism, candids, moments, reaction not proaction is photographing what happens as opposed to influencing or creating the moment. This style of photography can be very powerful and produce some very emotional heartfelt imagery.

The thrill of the hunt is probably one of my favorite challenges during the wedding day. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you just captured an image that is going to touch hearts, stir emotions and breathe life in to the viewer each time the photograph is taken in.

Should every image from your wedding have this effect, you would be the luckiest person in the universe. Yes, photojournalism is a powerful art form and there are only a handful of photographers who consistently do it well, but even then there would be important photographs that were missed. Photojournalism is undoubtedly an important part of wedding photography, especially in telling the story for the album, however, you need well rounded coverage to make it complete, such as details and portraits.

There are many different aspects of the day that need to get photographed to do wedding photography right. Family portraits are just as important as formal portraiture of the bride and groom, the ceremony and the reception.

Robert Evans Photography -

Robert Evans Photography


A photographer who just shoots a photojournalistic style may not get that portrait of you and your granny in her cute hat and proud grin, just as a formal non-journalistic photographer may not catch that intimate moment you had with your grandmother in your dressing room just after you slipped into your wedding gown. If you had both, you will always remember her and those special moments you shared on your wedding day. If you don’t have either, you will always be heartbroken and have regrets. Both styles of photography are extremely important. You want to find an experienced photographer who knows weddings and can capture your wedding images from both side of the aisle.

Cabo - Robert Evans Photography -

Robert Evans Photography


Photography is the only thing you will have left once your wedding day has passed. Photography is one area of your planning that deserves a little bit of extra attention and effort on your part, if great wedding photographs are a priority. Ask for referrals, look at websites, but most importantly, go out and meet with photographers. Personality, experience and ability can only be truly experienced one-on-one. There a lot of great photographers in the world. Use the technology at your fingertips if there isn’t someone near you.

Minnesota- Robert Evans Photography -

Robert Evans Photography


Skype, iChat and other web-based phone and communication tools help when it is not physically possible to meet in person. If nothing else, pick up the phone and have a conversation. Emailing and asking for a price list is not away to find a photographer. I understand you must keep to a budget, however if photography is a priority then it’s always best to allocate funds here if you want the best results. You get what you pay for and this is especially true with wedding photography.

Robert Evans Photography -

Robert Evans Photography


Your wedding album should be a cohesive blend of portraits, candids and decor images; it’s your novel, your story – the day you and your husband became a family. There is nothing cuter than to see your own children looking through your wedding album and to hearing the questions and comments that only children can ask. This album is a piece of history from your family tree, why not make sure that your history book is a best seller?

Article and Photographs provided by: ROBERT EVANS

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