Engagement Shoot: Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Ready for your engagement shoot?

So, you’re getting married and it’s time for the engagement shoot! You’re a little nervous on what to bring to your engagement shoot session and how you’ll photograph together.

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Tips and tricks to help ease your mind and some great engagement shoot ideas!

1. Relax – leave the posing and lighting to the professionals. Expressions are more natural when couples are just themselves and do not worry about their posture and smiles. As a general rule of thumb, the closer you are at the moment of the photo, the better. Always focus on each other instead of the camera and let your photographer guide you into the next pose. Also clear aside enough time for traffic. Avoid added stress from arriving late as it will set a negative tone for the session.

Beach shoot Photo Courtesy: Lawrence Crandall Photography

Beach shoot Photo Courtesy: Lawrence Crandall Photography

2. TIMING – Let your photographer set the time of the shoot based on your location, not your schedule. Photographers get requests all the time to shoot under horrific conditions at the worst possible time of day. Harsh sun and raw, direct light often reveals too much detail. Professional photographers with the right equipment and training can modify the light on their subjects but not the rest of the scene so wide open spaces at beaches and parks are best captured in the early morning and late afternoon. The incredibly soft, magic hour light at dawn or dusk helps minimize squinting, shiny skin and unwanted blemishes. If not controlled or diffused properly, additional retouching will be required in addition to the standard post production. Photographers that sell or include a DVD disc of their entire session, more often than not, are delivering the full set without retouching. Only the images that studios print and bind into albums have the extra care and enhancements done to them. (Photoshop Enhancements) This is something to think about if you’re designing and printing your own album.

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3. LOCATION – Choose a location that is special to you. If you don’t have one, ask your photographer where their favorite locations are and why. Request to view a few samples from previous engagement shoots. What might not look all that spectacular to the naked eye could photograph extremely well at certain times of the year or day. Imagine a scene that includes downtown city-scapes with alleys & fire escapes riddled with graffiti. Fountains and bridges, subways, coffee shops, even a crowded public bus are great alternatives to a traditional beach and park shoot. Make it your own!


4. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOOK -There’s thousands of great ideas out there on what to wear. You could buy a new outfit and create a theme. Consider going one step further and renting or borrowing a few props to kick your session up a notch. Lounge in your brother-in-law’s classic Corvette, for example. Maybe relax by dad’s rusted out, classic beach-cruiser or sit with antique furniture and clothing. You might even consider a prop as simple as a glass of wine. Discuss any ideas you might have with your photographer and avoid wardrobe items with a busy pattern or print. It’s also not a bad idea to shoot a few quick photos of your location or props on your cell phone and email them over to your photographer. A quick review over the phone with your photographer can help finalize all the details.

Photo courtesy: MichaelJonathanStudios.com


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