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So what is a true “wedding photojournalist?” He/she is a photographer who is dedicated, from beginning to end, to photograph a wedding like a Time Magazine photographer might photograph the ‘day in the life’ of a celebrity or a President.

Ray Anthony PhotographyPhoto: Ray Anthony Photography

His/her desire is to capture the actual story of the day with all the emotion, drama, and reality that develops without any prompting whatsoever.

Arti-Bhatt-&-Anand-Bhatt_REALWEDDINGS Photograph by: Robles Video Productions

A client who selects a wedding photojournalist or a documentary wedding photographer should be doing so because they are not interested in contrived, staged, posed or set-up style photographs that their photographer creates for the sake of making a “perfect” photo.

Ray Anthony PhotographyPhoto: Ray Anthony Photography

This client has no interest in having photographs made that are more like illusions or portrayals of truth, controlled by the photographer. A client choosing a documentary style photographer does so because they desire for their photographer to capture the reality of the day with all it’s beauty and all it’s flaws.Emotional, spontaneous, quirky, unique, energetic images of the day that a skilled and artistic photojournalist will seek to capture, with careful anticipation and thoughtful composition.

Ray Anthony PhotographyPhoto: Ray Anthony Photography

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