A beach backdrop can be a stunning location for a wedding reception.

Have you considered having your wedding or reception on the beach? The great thing about getting married on the beach is you can also have your reception in the same place.


Mozambique | Laguna Beach, Orange County


If you’ve opted to just hold the reception on the beach, there are several locations in Southern California to choose from. One of the main considerations is; do you live near the beach? Transporting hundreds of people more than a few miles to a beach is probably not feasible unless the wedding is also at the beach and friends and family can travel to one location instead of two locations.

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Hotel Del Coronado | Coronado, San Diego County


If you plan to have your wedding reception at the beach, there are several things to consider beforehand. It will be more relaxed than a traditional reception hall, but it should still be planned as precisely as any other reception. Consulting with a professional planner may be a good idea. Professional planners will think of things that you may not consider. Even small things can be important when planning a beach reception.

Seacrest Oceanfront Hotel

Seacrest Oceanfront Hotel | Pismo Beach


Important to consider

Some important aspects of having a beach reception is wind, lighting, and even the sunset. Will your decorations withstand the breeze coming off the ocean? Do you need to take extra precautions to ensure everything remains in tact? Have you considered lighting issues when the sun starts setting? Do you want an illumination effect? Will the location you’ve chosen allow the guests a nice view of the sunset, especially the ones who remain seated at tables? And you don’t want to forget about seagulls. These birds can become pests and crash a reception.

Lin&Jirsa_Laguna Cliffs Marriott_BeachWeddingLaguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa | Dana Point, Orange County

Other considerations include transporting all the tables and chairs to and from the beach location. If you do not have a rental company or previously arranged staffing, you will either need to rent a truck or have several close friends who own trucks to help you out. Of course, if you go with a professional coordinator/wedding planner all the way, it will be their responsibility to do this and set everything up as well.


Hotel La Casa Del Camino - Laguna Beach

Hotel La Casa Del Camino | Laguna Beach Orange County

These things may seem mundane and you may not have even considered some of them. This is why you should consult with someone who’s dealt with this type of reception before. You and your guests will be much happier for it.


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Some of the top beaches in Southern California for having a wedding/reception are:


Beach Weddings at Hotel Laguna - Laguna Beach

Hotel Laguna – Laguna Beach Orange County


Beach Weddings at Seacrest Beachfront Hotel - Pismo Beach

Seacrest Oceanfront Hotel – Pismo Beach


Balboa Inn the Resort

Balboa Inn The Resort – Newport Beach

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