Wedding Planning and Prepping

Wedding planning and prepping need helping hands and loving hearts.

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Traditionally, wedding planning and prepping has been the vision of the bride and her family. These days, just as the happy couple is challenging time honored roles, so the older generation is reexamining their functions – usually for the better! Forget the stereotype of the meddling mother-in law! While you do need to be sensitive to the bride – this is her big day, after all – your offer of assistance may be happily accepted during this hectic time.

Seating ChartTake some time to understand what needs to be done.

After all, you want to be a help rather than a hindrance.  A discreet phone call to her mom or MOH can point you to where you will be most appreciated. Then tap your talents and jump into the festivities!

Are you the super-organized type?

Are you organized? Do you thrive on details? Offer to take over the seating chart arrangements (with her final approval, of course).  Make thank-you notes easier by logging in shower and wedding gifts.  Maybe even pre-address the thank-you envelopes.
Are you more the people person type?

Circulate the guestbook, host a shower, serve cake, hand out favors, snap some candids.  Make yourself available to meet and greet, answer questions, and generally help keep the revelry moving.  Prefer to stay in the background?   Pick up the flowers, make sure corsages and boutonnières are handed out and pinned correctly.  If you’re gifted that way, offer to arrange the flowers yourself for a really personal touch. More behind the scene tasks – take responsibility for the marriage license and payment to the officiant, arrange transportation and secure hotel accommodations for out of town guests, pick up supplies and fill welcome bags.

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Support is also needed after the big day. If you have the room, offer to host brunch for the wedding party and out-of-towners before everyone disperses.  Have some iPhone snapshots developed for grins and giggles over mimosas and baby quiches.  Even if the happy couple have to depart early, your gracious gestures toward their friends and family will leave them with a warm glow in their hearts and gratitude towards you.

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