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Selecting The Perfect Gift For Him

We were all gathered – my girls, my mom, future MIL and me – planning the final details of the bridal shower. Amidst all the gab about gift registries, somehow the topic of my wedding gift to him came up.  I really hadn’t given it any thought… I knew I wanted to give him something special to remember our day, but what? Fortunately for me, the gals had loads of fresh ideas.

My mom was all for a romantic remembrance. She proposed a watch, inscribed with our wedding date, our initials and “I’ll love you ‘til the end of time.” My future MIL took it one step further, and suggested a specialized timepiece with a hinged face. Under the face… our engagement photo in miniature!  Surprise!

Some of my maids were in favor of engraving our special date on something significant to the two of us. Since he proposed on the golf course, the idea of initialized tees and towels embroidered with our day was put forward. Someone remembered his love of a good cigar.  How about a single, silver cigar holder and matching cigar cutter? A great way to say “Congratulations!” Maybe I could add an imprinted flask from which to toast our new life together and make it a set.

Michael Jonathan Studios

Photo Courtesy | Michael Jonathan Studios

My MOH tapped into the DIY side of our relationship. Her thought?  Trace our names and the date in wet sand (the site of our first kiss, BTW) and then photograph it.  Or possibly a trio, with the addition of a set of lips and a big heart.  I loved that idea! He’s always admired my photography skills… what better way to put them to good use. Housed in a shabby chic frame, it would certainly make a unique conversation starter on his desk.

Wow!  I’ve got some tough decisions to make now!  I’m so grateful for all the wonderful ideas and how they reflect all the diversely distinctive ways my girls think about us and our relationship.  The hard part will be choosing only one gift!  I guess that’s a problem I’m glad to have.