Dressing the Groom: Vintage Style

Vintage Style for the Groom

Bing Crosby. Fred Astaire. Gene Kelly. Humphrey Bogart. And my grandfather. When I think of the Vintage suit styles, I’m immediately taken back to a time of great music, movies and these men. It’s easily my favorite era and for good reason.

Mens Warehouse

Joseph 2 Button Vested Suit - Brooks Brothers Suit

Today, many people are opting for the vintage wedding that evokes the Gatsby era and images of Carey Grant and Deborah Kerr atop the Empire State Building.

Stylish, tailored and fabulous

Pinstripes - Jos A. BankSo what makes for a vintage-dressed, dashing groom? First off, think refined elegance. You can opt for a vintage tuxedo with or without tails or a vintage sack suit with pants, jacket and a vest. Pinstripes and paisley make a powerful pair, well if you’re going for a suit rather than a tuxedo. For the military grooms, military attire is a perfect option for the 1940’s look as many couples of that era were getting married just before the men went off to war. Vintage styles can range depending on what era you’re planning around. For accessories, think hats, bow ties, vintage cuff links and suspenders. Overall, the look should be clean, simple coordinated with the bride and reflect your overall theme.

Happy Planning!

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Gatsby Style - Brooks Brothers