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Entertaining Your Guests

People always look forward to weddings. Whether they are part of the entourage or just simply guests, to be a part of this romantic event is truly exciting. For your guests, regardless whether they have traveled far or have always lived nearby – how do you keep them entertained through the whole wedding reception? Here are some exciting ideas that you have in your wedding reception:
Music is always a given at almost all weddings, but for a truly memorable experience, why not think about including other kinds of entertainment at your event too?

For instance, a slide-show montage of pictures from your respective childhoods and your courtship is a great way to share highlights of your lives with your guests.

What about performers such as Irish dancers or the magic of a Celtic music performer with a Klezmer clarinet or Irish penny whistle. It always make everyone feel a bit more Irish. It can be a lovely way to reflect on your heritage.

If there will be a number of children at your wedding, why not hire a magician to entertain them during the cocktail hour? And all ages will love a photo booth, where they can get a strip of instant pictures for a fun souvenir of your special day.

Finally, if your wedding is outdoors, sparklers are a great idea, for a send off tribute to the new bride and groom.

Images by: Bob Ortiz Photography, Gary Gould Entertainment and Fun Foto Studioz