Tails and Bow Ties - Wedding Compass

Formal Wear on Your Wedding Day

When it comes to men’s formal wear and your wedding day, nothing beats a traditional tuxedo. It’s not only classic and stylish it’s the epitome of formal.

One of my favorites is the long tail tuxedo. Some even refer to this as a claw tail because of its split tail style. To wear a long tail is extremely elegant but it won’t work for everyone. Men who look best in this tux are generally tall and in good shape. If you don’t fit this appearance it’s best to go with the traditional tux.

Tuxedos come in a wide range of styles with lots of variety. You can opt for several different lapel collars and waist bands to best suit your style and body shape. These accessories can come in traditional material, velvet or even silk–it all depends on your taste and style.

Another decision you’ll have to make is with a few other accessories: Will you wear a bow tie or traditional tie? Do you prefer a cummerbund or a vest? In deciding between a cummerbund or vest it’s best to take into consideration how your midsection is shaped. If you’re a bit over-weight you may want to opt for a vest. Bow ties look best with a tuxedo, whereas a traditional tie looks best with a suit.

What color to choose? The most formal look is, of course, black. There are other color options but keep in mind that black is very stylish and formal and it goes well with whatever color scheme your bride to be has chosen for wedding colors.

Whether choosing a tuxedo or a suit always keep in mind your body shape and style and get an outfit that fits you. If one little part of the suit or tux doesn’t fit you correctly it will ruin the over-all look and can look a bit slouchy. However, if you are overweight you do want to wear something a little loose to help hide the extra pounds.

Comfort should be a major consideration too. If it’s a big, formal wedding with a reception following-you’re going to be in those clothes for several hours–possibly all day and well into the night, so you want to be comfortable.

If you plan to attend many formal functions after your wedding you may want to consider having one custom made to fit you like a glove. This is more expensive, but if you’ll get plenty of use out of it, it may be cheaper than renting in the long run.

If you’re on a budget and have no need for a formal tux after the wedding, then renting is the way to go for you.

Images by: Bob Ortiz Photography