Jennifer & Scott - A Real Fall Wedding at Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden Cal State LB
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Jennifer and Scott got married! A lovely Fall wedding at Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens in Long Beach, Southern California. Photography by Ambrosia Event Services.

Jennifer & Scott - Ambrosia Events -

How did you meet?

It’s so hard to do this in a nice brief way.  So I’m going to include what our officiant said during our wedding ceremony.
“So, it’s always good to start at the beginning of the relationship –how did it happen 8 years ago that you were both in the right place at the right time where your destiny was determined.

And apparently a great amount of gratitude goes to their friend Matt who helped bring these two people together.

Now here’s where it gets interesting, according to Jennifer she went to a Gwen Stefani concert with a co-worker that night and decided to join Matt and a few other co-workers at a bar in Huntington Beach afterward. Scott’s recollection is a little different in that he remembers Jennifer being on a date with that co-worker at the concert. Either way, they agree that Matt brought Scott and Brandon to the bar that night and Jennifer and Scott spent the entire evening talking. When Jennifer’s date, excuse me, “co-worker” needed to leave he asked Matt to give Jennifer a ride home. It turns out Scott was driving that night and the group ended up going for food at the Shorehouse in Seal Beach where one of life’s hardest decisions had to be made –pancakes or waffles?”

How long did you plan the wedding after the proposal?

Since we were purchasing a home at the time, we got married about a year and half after the proposal.  So it was about a year to plan, which was more than enough time.

The top 3 challenges/difficulties of planning the wedding.
1. Keeping our wedding guests under a 100-110
2. When our florist had to cancel on us one month before the wedding because her mother passed away.
3. Unplanned guests/last minute cancellations

The top 3 most fun/easiest parts of planning the wedding.
1. Cake and food tasting!
2. Working with our bridal party, they were AWESOME
3. The entire process was easy and fun to be honest.  Scott and I worked so well as a team on this.
What fun/unique feature of your wedding made you the proudest?

So I have to give my top 3: our personalized fan programs, having our friend Shaun as the officiant and I LOVED our flowers especially my bouquet.  Scott says “it was me” (the bride).

If you had it to do over, what would you change, add or do differently?

I would have hired my friend as our DJ, so it would have been more personal.  Maybe pay for an extra hour for photos before the wedding so I could enjoy the cocktail hour with our guests.

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Credit to these vendors/services
Cakes/Cupcakes Great Dane Bakery
Caterers Naples Rib
DJ/Disc Jockey Ambrosia Event Services
Floral/florist White House Florist
Formal Wear Hollywood Suits
Gowns David's Bridal
Hair/Makeup HoneyD Salon
Officiants Shaun Crha