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A lovely Summer wedding at Wilson Creek Winery

Wilson Creek Winery Estate
wilson creek wedding
Wilson Creek Winery Estate
Wilson Creek Winery - Hulse Photo
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  • Season: Summer
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How did you meet?

We met thru Bryan’s brother and my friend who started dating right before us.

How long did you plan the wedding after the proposal?

Six and a half months!

The top 3 challenges/difficulties of planning the wedding.

1. Changing my mind… Pinterest is a blessing and a curse
2. Finding the perfect location
3. Putting the itinerary together

The top 3 most fun/easiest parts of planning the wedding.

1. Finding the dress
2. Food and cake tasting
3. Seeing my vision come to life

What fun/unique feature of your wedding made you the proudest?

I loved the location of our actual ceremony… It was so dreamy. Flowers, champagne, white draperies, and a violinist.

If you had it to do over, what would you change, add or do differently?

I would have my bridesmaids wear a softer color and mis-matching dresses. I also would have thrown in a white dance floor, I think that looks super classy and beautiful.

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Credit to these vendors/services
Cakes/Cupcakes Rossmorr Bakery
Caterers Wilson Creek Winery
Gowns Hayley Paige and Jenny Yoo
Hair/Makeup Kristen Anderson and Chelsea Pagnini