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A lovely Summer wedding at Rancho Las Lomas

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Amanda and Pat were married in the Summer at the gorgeous Rancho Las Lomas. Rancho Las Lomas and 24 carrots catering created a beautiful wedding! Video production created by: Parallel Media Productions Their wedding coordinator was Barbara Walters with The Lynden Lane Co.

How did you meet?

We met though our work with Herbalife. We are both independent distributors/Herbalife Nutrition coaches & became close friends before dating.

The top 3 challenges/difficulties of planning the wedding.

1. Knowing where to start

2. Narrowing down your guest list knowing either some people will take offense when you choose not to invite them and/or there are people you love who you would love to invite but sometimes can’t due to the sheer numbers.
(Personal advice, this is one area to practice being loving but also be very strong. Take the time to personally speak to those who you know will be expecting an invite but you choose not to include on the guest list know the choice you made and why you made it! Confronting issues head on is the KEY to maintaining relationships in all aspects of the planning process.)

3. Budgeting

The top 3 most fun/easiest parts of planning the wedding.

1. Sampling the food! (Husbands answer 😉 )

2. Design

3. Honestly, everything else was fun! We had a blast planning our wedding

What fun/unique feature of your wedding made you the proudest?

We worked very hard to have our story weaved though out our whole event. While it was a semi big wedding, it was intimate and grounded.

If you had it to do over, what would you change, add or do differently?

Honestly, We wouldn’t change a thing! …except magically find a way to make it last longer!




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Credit to these vendors/services
Cakes/Cupcakes Saucy and Sweet Shop
DJ/Disc Jockey Vive Inc.
Floral/florist Keith J Laverty Florals
Officiants Pastor Eric Heard
Rentals Found Rentals
Gowns Matthew Christopher