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Budgeting 101 For Bridesmaids

You just got the news! Your wonderful friend, college roommate, sister, or someone dear to your heart is getting married and you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid! How exciting! What an honor! Of course you say, Yes!

The honor of being a bridesmaid. Image provided by Christopher Todd StudiosYou are going to be a bridesmaid, that honored tradition of walking down the aisle and representing your strong bond and ties to the bride.  The good news is you are a part of the bridal party and perhaps the biggest party you’ll be invited to all year.   You are one of the chosen few.  The bad news… it’s going to cost you.

After all the giddy bridal party excitement, you’d better sit down and create a bridesmaid’s budget.  Oh sure, you’ll be able to save for the dress, but, what about the other costs and responsibilities?   It all adds up.  Here are just a few Bridesmaid Budget Busters you’ll want to be prepared for, because if you are like most people, you are probably not Maid of Money.

First order of business:

When?  Where?  And what kind of wedding is your bride planning?

Knowing how long you have to save up and budget for the big day will help you meet your financial goals.  Knowing where may be a deciding factor.  If the wedding is local, your costs have just gone way down.  If it’s going to be on some exotic island, that may be a deal breaker.  You will have the added costs of travel, finding and or paying for accommodations, rental car, dining out, and other additional travel expenses…  Elaborate travel plans may be too much of a budget burden, so the “where” is an important question to ask before making a firm commitment.

The style and type of wedding being planned also will indicate affordability and therefore participation.  If it’s ultra formal and fancy, the dress may be out of your price range and so might some of the formal obligations.

These are all good questions to ask before saying “Yes, I’m in!”  But, generally, when a bride selects her bridesmaids, it’s usually the women she holds dear and she cannot imagine getting married without them.  If the costs of being a bridesmaid might be a hindrance to your participation, talk to your bride and see if you can work together to insure that her plans are within a price range that is affordable for you.

Cost can be determined by the style of the wedding. Image provided by Christopher Todd Studios

Destination weddings can be costly for attendants. Image provided by Robert Evans Studios


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Images provided by: Christopher Todd Studios
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