Floral:Brooch Bouquet, Black, White and Shiny All Over

Black and White Themed Brooch Bouquet

Blie Petly

No one has ever accused me of being ordinary or dull. So when it came time to planning my bridal bouquet, I was determined have something that is a one of a kind, with loads of sparkle and shine.

Our theme and colors were formal – black, white and silver. My MOH had an idea to have my bridal bouquet designed from collected glittery brooches and  jewels. I was skeptical at first, I should’ve known better! It turned out to be such a fabulous idea!

We started requesting donations from friends and family, specifically brooches and pins in silver, black and white. We received such an assortment of glam! We laughed ourselves silly as we pawed through racks of second hand shops to fill in what we needed, thought we may be able to use or pieces that just caught our fancy. Talk about girls on a mission!

The shimmer and shine of a brooch bouquet is stunning!

Lions gate designsThe biggest, most lustrous pieces were placed front and center – the better to catch the candlelight and shimmer during my march down the aisle. The contrast between the brilliant gleam of the newer pieces and the warm patina glow of the vintage pins was amazing! Black contours in a medley of shapes and a variety of sizes added a ton of interest. The tiny open spaces were filled in with burnished earrings and polished vintage hat pins. The effect was stunning!

Blie PetlyThe handle was wrapped with silver and white satin ribbon. Oh, the compliments I received! The  boutonnieres were also made from  antique pieces of jewelry and ribbon for the Groom, brides father, grooms father and Grandfathers.

A real labor of love, this brooch bouquet will reside in a place of honor in our new home. So many memories – the stories that came along with the donated jewels, the friends and family who donated pieces. Even with all the distinctive sizes and colors, the final product was classic and as unique as my special day!

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