Fall Rehearsal Dinners

Author: Marisilda Garcia

Rehearsal Dinners during fall!  It’s pumpkin carving, turkey roasting, apple picking and cider toasting time…and if you’re having a fall wedding, then it’s also rehearsal dinner planning time for you! The fall season brings a wealth of rich color and robust fare to your table.

Think rich! Vegetables in reds, oranges, yellows and deep purples work well in the fall so options such as eggplant, pumpkin, squash, spinach and corn make great side dishes to any meal. Dress up your veggies by pairing them with dense cheeses, hearty grains and nuts. Options such as blue cheese stuffed dates, quinoa salad, and pumpkin risotto make great additions to any meal.

For you meat eaters, richer meats such as duck pork, turkey and venison pair well with apples, cranberries, nuts and a variety of other sauces and toppings. This is a great opportunity to mix sweet and tart flavors in your dishes.

Desserts can also vary from berry tarts to heavier treats like mascarpone, date and walnut filled crepes. Spices for the season include cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger and when combined with cream cheese or another dessert cheese, they make for a delicious dessert for your guests.

Happy Planning for your Fall Rehearsal Dinners!

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