Airbrushing Blush and Eyeshadow

Different Opinions for Airbrushing Blush and Eyeshadow

There are differing opinions on applying shadows and blushes with an airbrush. Some artists find that they get a soft blended finish with it and for them it’s the only way to go. Others prefer using their conventional brushes for blending reasons. Regardless of how you get there, just get there.
New Twist Hair and MakeupApplication with conventional brushes are more forgiving and are easier to correct.  If you have concerns on how the airbrush application will look on you, book yourself in for a trial run. It is always encouraged. With many artists, a trial sitting is a necessity. The trial should take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Depending on how prepared you are with what you are looking for. It is so much easier to get to where you’d like to be with images.

Make-up artists are visual and appreciate images from their potential clients.
Bring in magazines or images from the internet which will give the makeup artist a clear idea of what you like. Having those available will give your stylist a nudge on how dramatic he or she needs to go. You can also bring images of looks you don’t like which will help clarify any concerns you may have.

If you are pleased with your preview, have the stylist write everything down that they used so you don’t have any surprises on the wedding day. Something you don’t have to worry about at all…..just be fabulous.

Images Provided by: A New Twist Hair and Makeup and 1Look Back Photography


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