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Bridal jewelry for your wedding day

Now that your big day is around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what jewelry you’re going to wear when you rock your wedding dress.

JamesAllen.com - PearlsAccessories, which include jewelry, hairpieces, and veils, are just as important as your dress and really add to your bridal style. The little touches go a long way. Consider how the costume jewelry you wear to the office enhances your outfit. Now imagine the impact that jewelry will have on your wedding dress. Here are some bridal jewelry basics:

Classic -Style Bridal Jewelry

Diamonds and pearls are the classic choice when it comes to bridal jewelry styles. A pearl necklace is a beautiful and timeless choice that will compliment your dress in a subtle, yet elegant way. Pearl necklaces are available in various lengths – from chokers to dangling strands – and come in various shades, including white, black, ivory and baby pink. To compliment a pearl necklace, many brides choose to wear pearl studs or pearl drop earrings.

Diamonds are another classic bridal accessory choice, as they are the epitome of sophistication, and speak volumes without saying a word. Diamonds also match any outfit and integrate with virtually every color and texture. Popular bridal jewelry choices include diamond stud earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

Crystal Bridal Jewelry

Crystal bridal jewelry sets are a beautiful option for your wedding day. Crystals are considered high-end costume jewelry and are more affordable than diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones. Quality crystals appear as shiny and elegant as diamonds, so you can make just as much of an impact without spending a fortune. Crystal jewelry is typically worn as a matching set, consisting of a tiara, a necklace, a pair of earrings and a cuff, and is a perfect choice for brides who want to look like a regal princess on their special day.

Modern Bridal Jewelry

Modern bridal jewelry is often colorful, bold, and goes against the grain of more traditional bridal looks. This type of jewelry is more individualistic and usually for the braver bride. It includes layered, sculptural, and beaded pieces that may incorporate fabric, leather, metal, mixed materials and stones. Modern jewelry is a great way to make a statement, especially when wearing a very simple bridal gown.

Whatever your style, there is a variety of bridal jewelry to choose from. When making your choice, consider comfort as well as beauty. If you plan to dance the night away, you might want to steer away from expensive, delicate jewelry that can easily fall off. Your wedding is your big day, and the right bridal jewelry will make you feel like a queen.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in some traditions the bride gives her single friends her jewelry to hold during the marriage ceremony. This is meant to bring good luck to single women and help them find their match
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