Why Live Music? - Wedding Compass

Live music sets the mood at any event

Author: Susan Sellers

Live quality music is so important for any occasion because of what it adds to the event, making the event much more beautiful and memorable. Live quality music adds warmth and beauty to an event. The lush colors of blending instruments creates a gorgeous sound not duplicated by a recording or ipod. The visual presence of musicians adds that extra touch of elegance and sophistication.

There is no substitution for what live music gives in terms of style and thoughtfulness. Whether you are creating a “chic” environment or a “classic” setting, live music will create the mood you are striving for. For centuries, music has played a powerful role in our lives. Musicians, novelists, authors, poets, politicians … regardless of where you are from, what you believe, when you lived or how old you are, music is the thing that links us all together.

Why live music? Why use real food, real flowers? The difference is astounding and will be remembered the most by you and your guests.

Images Provided by: Susan Sellers and Del Lago Trio