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Ice balls are the latest craze in the ice carving industry

When you think of Ice, what comes to mind? Skating, cool beverages on a hot summer day, maybe even Alaska or Antarctica…. Well, think again, because there is a new way of using ice to create incredible, amazing environments and this wave is flowing across the globe especially in the beverage industry.

In the ice carving industry, trends come and go frequently. Two years or so ago, it was the ice bar that became the hot property at events, then it was the ice table centerpiece, then the ice luge in some form or another. This traditional art form has been in ‘fast forward’ for the past 5 years with new and innovative concepts. Technology has allowed our industry to grow and high end companies are now pushing the boundaries of what is possible with frozen water.

From producing perfect corporate logos in ice, table centerpieces, sorbet dishes, ice bars, ice furniture, and even ice glasses…the extent to which ice artists are detailing their works is amazing.

The newest craze in ice entertainment is the ICE SPHERES, (also known as ICE BALLS) that are taking the beverage / event industry by storm. Ice spheres were created in Japan years ago to help provide maximum cooling to the cocktail and minimal dilution to the drink as you would get with regular crushed or bagged ice. The ice ball craze is joining the mixologist in providing the freshest ingredients to the beverage industry. The 2.25” crystal clear ball of pure adds sophistication to bar. The high end bars, restaurants, lounges and hotels are moving toward the new ice cube design as it is creating tremendous hype and buzz while creating a perfect drink compliment.

“COOL IS THE NEXT HOT…..Allow ice to enhance your next big event……DON’T BE LEFT IN THE COLD”

Images supplied by: IceBulb.com
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