Wedding Gifts: The Sensational Surprise

Seeing each other before the wedding – Wedding gifts for each other – Sensational surprises!

From the Editor: “This one give us chills of joy, so cool.”
Thank you to the photographer: Justin Hulse of Hulse Photography for these memorable moments.

It was the morning of our wedding and I was just a bundle of nerves!  Would everyone show up on time?  Will we remember the choreography for our first dance?

Hulse Photography

What if I trip going up the aisle? I was certain about the step I was about to take – pledging my life to my soul mate – but that was just about the only thing I wasn’t worried about!

My girls were so supportive and loving. Still, I really wanted to talk to him. Neither one of us wanted to take the chance of jinxing our day with the bad luck that would come from us seeing each other beforehand, so I resigned myself to managing the jitters all by myself.

Hulse Photography

Traditions for generations

Just about then, his best man delivered a note requesting I meet him at a certain private corner. What the heck! His best-man assured me that all was well, this wasn’t a set up for bad luck.  Not sure that I believed him, I followed the instructions in the note. I went to the appointed corner and waited.

Hulse Photography

Soon I heard the voice I love more than any other in the world. My soon-to-be was on the other side of the corner. He couldn’t see me, so we were safe.  He told me he had something special for me, a surprise. I opened the box to discover the most beautiful necklace I’ve ever seen! I was shocked!  He said it had been in his family for generations, traditionally given to the bride on the wedding day.

Hulse Photography

I was so moved!  I never expected anything like this!  I grabbed his hand just as the tears started.  Tears of happiness, of course!  I could hear the excitement, love and happiness in his voice.  We held hands like that and chatted quietly for a few more minutes.  When we finally parted, I was reassured and the butterflies in my stomach had gone to sleep.

Hulse Photography

The next time I saw my beloved, I was wearing his gift … and a huge smile.  His sensational surprise added such a special dimension to our wonderful day.

Photo credit: Hulse Photography of Southern California.