The Time of Our Lives Father Daughter Dance

Dancing The Father Daughter Dance Was The Time Of Our Lives

It started out as my mom’s idea. She thought the sight of my father and I dancing around in a circle for four minutes would be boring.  She wanted us to do something fun, something special, something with a wow factor, The Time of Our Lives.

My father and I? We just weren’t going to do it. We’re on the shyer side and being the center of attention just wasn’t on our radar. Until, Dad decided it would be a great surprise for Mom and talked my fiancé Adam and I into it.

I got online and watched some videos. Then I choreographed our routine based on what I liked, what looked like fun for a father daughter dance. We didn’t have much time to practice. I managed to squeeze in a couple of run throughs with Adam and Dad separately. Dad kept messing up and he was sure he would embarrass himself on the big day. Actually, he did his part perfectly! I was the one who messed up in one spot, but I don’t think anyone really noticed.  Adam, Dad and I only had one rehearsal all together and that was the day before our wedding!

Our videographer was the only one who knew what we were up to; we had to clue him in, after all.


I was shocked when Dad ripped off his coat when we started to twist – he just threw that in on me! Fortunately, I managed to keep my wits about me and went on with the routine. The kicks during “Cotton-Eyed Joe” were a lot of fun.  And then when Adam joined us! We all had a blast as we had The Time of Our Lives father daughter dance.

It was totally worth all the time and trouble. At the beginning, I didn’t think I could do it – put it all together and then get up in front of everyone like that.  After seeing how amazed everyone was, and how astonished my mom was, I was so glad we went ahead with it. It was a lot of work, but I would definitely do it all again.

We had so much fun!

By Katy Alderman, as told to Laurie Snyder

Photos courtesy of Katy and Dad Mike.
Photo’s courtesy of  Mike Flamm Photography