Marie & Nolan - A Real Spring Wedding at Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa
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A masterpiece wedding film created by the creative team at Godfather Films in Southern California.  The setting is the majestic, Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa in Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino, Southern California. Pristine lake, gorgeous sunsets and fresh California air; a wonderful setting for the vows and reception following. Join them on this amazing day….

Marie&Nolan_GodFatherFilms - Real Wedding -

How did you meet?
We first met in law school. It was the very first day of orientation and we sat at the same table for lunch. We were actually there very first people either of us spoke to at school. But we actually didn’t start spending time together and dating until a year later! The first year of law school, Nolan went to school and home without being too social (unlike Marie, the social butterfly). But the second year, Nolan started making more friends, and our paths crossed again and that was it!

Marie&Nolan_GodFatherFilms - Real Wedding -

How long did you plan the wedding after the proposal?
We were engaged the end of July 2017, and married in May 2018. We didn’t really start to plan until September 2018. So about 8 months.

The top 3 challenges/difficulties of planning the wedding?
1. Making sure the number of people we invited would fit the number of people “max” for the venue.
2. Setting up and maintaining the hotel block guest reservations with the venue.
3. Budgeting all of the small unknown or forgotten expenses that would come up.

Marie&Nolan_GodFatherFilms - Real Wedding -

The top 3 most fun/easiest parts of planning the wedding?
1. We had an EXCELLENT DJ who was basically more like a day of coordinator. He met with us 4 times before the wedding, went over every detailed minute from ceremony to end of the reception and he maintained the entire night! Step by step we have the night planned and it went perfectly! Not to mention he is the best DJ ever and all of our guests LOVED him. We had the best time at the reception and I know it was ALL thanks to the DJ. Guests who had been to MANY weddings told us it was the best wedding they had been to.
2. Clothes shopping for entire bridal party, fun but not at all the easiest.
3. Picking the venue was exciting and a very easy choice.

Marie&Nolan_GodFatherFilms - Real Wedding -

What fun/unique feature of your wedding made you the proudest?
OUR DJ!! He was so involved! Threw out glow toys and hats and fun stuff! Was constantly paying attention to the crowd and what was to happen next. He worked with our photographer so that everything got done on time and with the bride and groom able to have fun all night. We did a picture with every table up on the dance floor (coordinated by DJ) so bride and groom didnt get stuck talking to every table during the traditional walk around greetings. And our ceremony was also very special. The pastor was one who Marie has known for years and we made the ceremony unique to us and what we wanted. We got a million compliments on our DJ and the Pastor.

Marie&Nolan_GodFatherFilms - Real Wedding -


If you had it to do over, what would you change, add or do differently?
I would not stress so much over the RSVP and guest list. I was worried we invited too many people compared to what the venue would allow, but in the end our list ended up falling under the necessary number. Like all the books say, 20% will not come. I thought that wouldn’t happen but in the end it did!

About the venue: Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa
Stunning lake views, superb amenities. Celebrations For All Occasions – Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa. It’s beautiful up here with fresh mountain air.

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Credit to these vendors/services
Floral/florist Shawna with La Jarden Florals
Formal Wear Men's Warehouse Rentals
Gowns Show Me Your Mumu, Weddington Way
Officiants Paster Jason Woodell of Lancaster United Methodist Church
Photographers Austin O'Brien Photography
DJ/Disc Jockey Ovation Entertainment, Michael
Decor Lighting Ovation Entertainment, Michael
Hair/Makeup Lauren Herrera (Makeup) and Liz Leuvano (Hair) from Bella West Salon in Lancaster CA