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By: Deirdre Schwiesow

Catering is typically the biggest wedding expense, so it’s essential to get clear information from the caterers you are considering. Once you’ve determined a caterer’s availability for the date and time of your event, you’ll want to do a taste test of sample dishes, look at a standard contract, and interview the caterer about the following topics.


Food: What are the caterer’s specialties? If you have any dietary restrictions or culturally-specific food preferences, does the caterer have experience in accommodating them?

Pricing: What is the cost-per-person? Are service costs and equipment rental fees included? What are the alcohol costs? Is there a corkage fee?

Process: How many other events will the caterer do that day? Will he/she personally supervise the reception? Is the caterer licensed? It all starts with a few simple questions to make an event special and memorable.

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