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Picking the Perfect Wedding Pendant for Your Perfect Day

Your wedding day is approaching, and you are deep in the throes of planning the perfect day. You have the ring picked out, but what about a pendant to complement your dress and the rest of your wedding jewelry?

Tip #1: Create a Balanced Look

Select a pendant that matches the look you are going for. If your dress is extremely glamorous, pick a pendant to match. If you are going for a simpler look, a less flashy pendant may be in order.

Take into consideration your whole look, from earrings and veil to your shoes. What type of pendant would go best?

Take into consideration your whole look, from earrings and veil to your shoes. What type of pendant would go best?

Tip #2: Match the Metals

Wearing different-colored metals tends to detract from a put-together appearance on the one day you need to be as put together as possible. If your wedding and engagement rings are silver or platinum, select the same color metal for your pendant and earrings. 

If gold is your thing, find a gold chain and pendant finish in a similar shade as your ring. Remember, gold can be white, yellow, or a rich red.

Tip #3: Complement the Dress Color

The traditional white of a wedding dress is actually a range of white from optic white to deep ivory. 

  • Wearing white? If there are no other color hues in your dress, pick a bright metal like white gold, platinum, or silver.
  • Champagne dresses are complimented nicely with yellow gold. Vintage looks pair well also. 
  • Ivory-hued dresses look best with yellow gold to bring out the cream tones of the dress.
  • Silver-gray material has a subtle blue or gray tone that goes well with silver.
  • Blush or pink hues in your gown can be brought out with rose gold.

Choose a pendant created with a metal that best brings out your skin tones and the color of that fabulous gown. It isn’t all about the dress.

Tip #4: Check Your Neck

The neckline of your dress is another element in building the perfect wedding look. Consider the depth and shape of your gown’s neck and color when choosing a pendant. If you are wearing a strapless gown, something short and delicate can make for an elegant bride. 

On the other hand, if you wear something with a high neckline, find a pendant that won’t get lost in the details yet doesn’t make the front of the down too busy. V-shaped necklines and pendants go perfectly together. Find the perfect length to go with your décolletage when looking at chains.

Tip #5: Make it Wearable After the Wedding

Like your wedding ring, a wedding pendant is a piece of jewelry you can wear for a lifetime. Look for something that matches your sense of style as well as your lifestyle. Consider the type of clothing you wear to the office or at home. What length, color, and shape of pendant could go well with your work clothes or for a night out?

Select something you could wear every day or pick something fancier you might reserve for date nights or special occasions.  What is your predominant skin tone? The metal and diamond you select should set off your skin as well as go with the color of clothing you tend to wear. 

Wedding jewelry, from your ring to your pendant, earrings, and other accessories, should come together into a single, glowing look that makes you feel beautiful. Select a pendant that can be worn again and again after the happy day.

A custom jeweler can help you design the perfect wedding pendant using any chain length in the metal that best compliments your skin and gown. You can also have your choice of diamonds and other gemstones as well as an array of designs from solitaires to halos. 

With these tips in mind, we hope you can find the perfect wedding pendant for your most special day.