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Ice Luge, Drink luges, ice bars and more…

While Ice sculptures, and ice/drink luges are amazing features to holiday, seasonal, corporate events and company parties, we cannot forget about weddings and what buzz one of these “cool” additions makes to an event!

Martini Luge by IceBulb.com - Photo By Frank Salas

Martini Luge by IceBulb.com – Photo By Frank Salas Photography

We are once again noticing the increase in ice sculptures, ice bars, and most popular the ice luges at these special days for both the bride and groom. Similar to the popular wedding trends we saw in 2005, 2006 and 2007 before the decline in our economy ICE is back on the list for most event planners, wedding consultants and even the mother of the bride. The popularity of this item by the event planners have put ice luges back on the radar and continue to enhance their event with the only true “clear form of art.”

“There is no design that cannot be created…”

Drink Luge - IceBulb.com

Drink Luge – IceBulb.com

Ice is a unique product that allows customization and interaction amongst the guests. Ice luges continue to be the most popular item from the large list of ice décor. Having a signature cocktail flow through a large design made of crystal clear ice is an experience most people do not have regularly. There is no design that cannot be created out of ice and therefore turned into a luge. Whether you are having a black tie elegant affair or something a little more casual, there is a place for these ice luges. Not only do these add unique décor to the event, they are also a huge focal point. The ice also creates an interactive experience for the guest which normally would not occur at the drinking area/bar.

Drink Luge - IceBulb.com

Drink Luge – IceBulb.com

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Images of Ice Sculptures and Ice/Drink Luges Provided by: Marc Entin, IceBulb.com
Photography of Lemon Drop Ice/Drink Luge by: Frank Salas Photography
Drink Luge created by: IceBulb.com

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