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Mixing it up with music

Author: Laurie Snyder

Contemporary couples are turning musical traditions upside down.

From invites to the reception, new trends have wedding parties mixing it up.Get your guests in the party mood early. Enclose a mix CD of songs that represent you as a couple with your invitations. Set the tone for your celebration from the start.

Couples are trading in the traditional wedding march and recessional for a more personal touch. Consider marching down the aisle to something romantic. Perhaps a wedding harpists, who will have a repertoire from classical music to pop music. It would be as equally fitting providing background music for a champagne reception or a photo session.

A musician, chamber ensemble or Harpist could play something fun and funky and “alive” instead of the processional standard. Something or Chicago’s Color My World. B B King’s Stand By Me or The Beatle’s All You Need is Love.

No matter your taste or budget, let the music of your wedding day encapsulate and define the two of you as a couple.

Photo Credit:
Harpist, Erica Powell Walker