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Wedding Locations in Lake Arrowhead

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About This Community

Lake Arrowhead is a lakeside community located in the San Bernardino Mountains in San Bernardino County. Nearby, there are five smaller communities also surrounding the lake: Twin Peaks, Blue Jay, Cedar Glen, Sky Forest, and Rim Forest. The area is home to roughly 13,000 people. Lake Arrowhead is a very popular location for Spring and Summer weddings with its cool weather and clear skies. For those hardier souls, Winter weddings in the area often coincide with ski trips and ski lodge celebrations on the snowy mountainsides at the various ski resorts, or afternoons spent ice skating at the Blue Jay skating center.

Find the perfect mountain location for your wedding

Lifestyle is big business in the area and with its variety of hotels, motels, cabin rentals, rustic lodges and resorts, Lake Arrowhead can serve as the ideal destination for your wedding, giving your friends and family a magnificent mountain escape to enjoy and celebrate with you.

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