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Wedding Locations in Coronado

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About This City

Coronado is a San Diego County resort city located across the San Diego Bay from the downtown San Diego. The city is home to about 25,000 people. It is essentially an island, connected to the mainland by a low piece of land called the Silver Strand. In 2012, Coronado Beach was ranked as the best beach in the United States. The island is famous for its historic resort hotel, which opened in 1888 and has served as a resort, hospital and more continuously ever since. While the beach is often used as a training ground for the United States Navy Special Forces, its sandy shores are also enjoyed by families and beach-goers almost year round.

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With luxurious shopping, restaurants and beautiful scenery, Coronado can serve you and your wedding guests in true Southern California style. Celebrate with a beach front wedding in one of the most beautiful places that the California coast has to offer.

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