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Wedding bouquet trends

Ever take a look at your Grandmother’s wedding portrait? Many of us do and laugh at the old fashioned look of her bridal bouquet.

50 years ago most American bridal bouquets were comprised of locally grown flowers such as carnations, mums, baby’s breath, roses and if you splurged, orchids!
Back then trade agreements for agricultural imports and cost of transportation limited imported flowers that are standard flowers to us today.

Other popular wedding flowers of today such as hydrangea and peonies grew so prolifically in our colder climate states in private gardens that people thought of them almost as weeds and would never think of using them in a bridal bouquet!

Photo Courtesy: Michael Jonathan Studios

Photo Courtesy: Michael Jonathan Studios

Fashion and media always play a part in the trends for bridal flowers and décor.

In the 50’s and 60’s fashion silhouettes were clean and streamlined and closely fitted so the bouquets of that time are a little more petite in size with small flowers such as lily of the valley and stephanotis. In the 80’s everything was big; hair, shoulder pads and heels and with Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding to Prince Charles we saw the trend of huge gowns and large cascade style bouquets that almost hid the bride.

The biggest change in florals, and weddings in general, to hit the scene was the 1987 book Martha Stewart Weddings. Martha brought a whole new world to brides and changed the way weddings are catered and decorated. Wedding flowers became a big deal and since Martha loved gardening and using hydrangea, everyone fell in love with hydrangea.

It has become the single most popular flower to use in weddings and the most versatile.

Photo Courtesy: Michael Jonathan Studios

Photo Courtesy: Michael Jonathan Studios

Around that time trade agreements between U.S. and South and Central America allowed import of roses which also changed the wedding flower business. The import roses were bigger, better and offered a whole new range of color choices. Transportation costs allowed so much to be imported from other countries as well such as Israel, Africa, New Zealand and Netherlands so bridal bouquets became so much more interesting and instead of all white bridal bouquets, color came into fashion for brides.

Nowadays anything goes! Although the round stem bouquet shape is still the most popular we are using more and more unique additions of succulents, pods, berries, vines and unique colors such as the brownish/lavender antique looking rose “Amnesia” which of course is an Ecuadorian import.

We are also coming up with the trend of “Retro” so using those mums, carnations and babies breath are coming back. Maybe your Grandmother will look at your wedding portrait and say “those are the same flowers I had in my bouquet!”

Images by: Michael Jonathan Studios, French Buckets, Barnet Photography

French Buckets

Photo Courtesy: French Buckets

Photo Courtesy: Barnet Photography

Photo Courtesy: Barnet Photography



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