Hair and Make-Up for Your Big Day. Part 1 - Wedding Compass

Author: Ellie Blomgren

How difficult it must be to decide on a look that will be flattering yet comfortable and worry free on one of the most important days of your life.  That is the Question. Working with Brides gives stylists a sensitivity to just that. First thing a bride should think about is how she feels in certain hairstyles.

When a bride says they never wear their hair up, ding ding then convincing her that that is the way to go is a big red flag. Suggesting something loosely pinned on the top and sides possibly, so she doesn’t have it hanging in her face. It’s still sexy, and most brides want to feel beautiful but not look like a hootchy… Love that word.

First thing…..Book a trial run. The best investment ever. One of the most important things you can do is find photos to show your stylist/make-up artist. That will give them an idea of what direction you think you might want to go in for your look. Hair Stylists and make-up artists  are visual, … do some homework it will be a much better outcome for you both.  Collect tear sheets from

Magazines, or if you can’t do that, take photos of the magazine pages (or of the computer screen if you are surfing) with your smart phone…what a great piece of technology that is. Have a photo of your wedding dress as well so your experts can get a feel for your style. But, don’t get caught up in that. If your dress is a sleek sheath dress your hair doesn’t have to be the same. Go with your gut when it comes to how you want to look on your wedding day and with some help from your favorite Magician/Beautician you will end up with what you have always pictured for yourself…


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