Design Your Own Engagement Ring

It’s possible, you can actually design your own engagement ring.

ENR7542-14W1-300x300The words, “Will you marry me?” often times go hand in hand with the right engagement ring.  But what makes a particular ring the right one? While choosing the perfect engagement ring proves difficult for some, here are some useful facts. When you design your own engagement ring, the utmost important factor to consider is quality and value. Choosing your metal is a good start. Platinum and 18k Gold are two popular precious metals used for engagement rings. Platinum is hypoallergenic, 95% pure, and won’t tarnish or fade. Both precious ENS3077-DPS-AB-14W2-300x300metals hold two desirable attributes, which are strength and durability. 14k Gold and Palladium are other options to ponder. Though they are not as popular, they share some of the same attributes as Platinum and 18k Gold. For instance, originating from the platinum family, Palladium is also hypoallergenic, 95% pure, won’t tarnish or fade, and the dividing factor, is 3x less the price of Platinum. Palladium is a newly found precious metal and is likely to grow in its use for engagement rings.  As for gold, whether 18k or 14k you haveENS404-AB-14W1-300x300 3 color choices, which are the following, Rose Gold also known as pink gold, Yellow Gold, and lastly White Gold.  A helpful hint would be to check what jewelry your bride wears before you purchase your ring.  Preferences do make all the difference when selecting the right engagement ring.

Next, you have the setting style.  You have a few options for the right setting style she’ll love. You have the classic solitaire engagement ring that features just one diamond on the ring.  It is a simple yet elegant style normally accompanied with a high quality diamond.  Keep in mind; you do want that diamond to be of the highest quality because of the simple setting, which is made to emphasize the diamond.

ENR6332-DBS-14W1-300x300Another option is a sidestone-accented setting, also known as a setting with sidestones, features one large center diamond, matched with smaller stones on each side. Normally the sidestones are diamonds, but can also be colored gemstones, such as sapphires or rubies. The sidestones can also be selected based on the bride’s birthstone or favorite color.  A subcategory to this setting style is the three-stone engagement ring. This setting details one large center diamond, added by two smaller diamonds on each side.

Lastly, there is the matching set engagement ring. This setting involves both the engagement ring and the matching wedding band. They are often sold as a bridal set or wedding set. The matching set allows the bride to wear both rings together after the wedding ceremony, one less thing to worry about on the wedding day.

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