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Personalize your bouquet with your favorite flowers

The first bridal bouquets, introduced in ancient Greece, were garlands of herbs and garlic worn by both the bride and the groom to ward off evil. These arrangements gradually evolved into the floral bridal bouquets of today.

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Contemporary bouquets

Contemporary bouquets, designed with the couple’s theme and colors in mind, fall into three general categories.

Cascade: Cascading bouquets are best suited for a traditional, indoor, formal wedding. These bouquets consist of flowers that drape well. Orchids, lilies of the valley and phalaenopsis are typical choices. Greenery, such as antherium leaves, helps fill out the arrangement.

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Classic: Classic bouquets compliment any setting, from very formal to outdoors and casual. Roses, hydrangeas and daisies are traditional in this bouquet; more modern options include, peonies and sunflowers.


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Nosegay: A sweetly sentimental choice, nosegays work well with semi-formal, modern or casual weddings. Tulips, gardenias, violets and ranunculus often predominate in these small, rounded bouquets.

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Far from the days of herbs and garlic, today’s bride is guaranteed to find a style and colors that fit her taste and personality.

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